Most people go through their lives with little or no accounting. Hiring an accountant is both expensive and intimidating to many. Adding to that, maintaining accounts call upon for filing income tax returns. As a matter of fact, less than 3% of Indians file tax returns in any given financial year. With government’s digital India programme many transactions are now taking place via digital media and comes directly into purview of taxes. While transactions gets simplified, accounting gets increasing complex on adding new modes of payment. And more so for a common vendor with a small retail shop. As a result, adoption rate of digital payments is very low amongst small retailers. And retail industry constitutes a huge chunk of our GDP, that is 10%. There are over 14 million retail stores in India,and majority of these stores are unorganised and do not keep authentic accounts or file tax returns. The challenge is to accelerate the adoption of digital tools, technologies, and payment methods in this sector.
ETACUDER’s first product is a digital tool powered by AI (artificial intelligence) for these small vendors— to make billing, accounting, book keeping and filing taxes so easy that the vendor doesn’t even need to go to accountant. This should accelerate the rate of adoption and use of digital payments (with apps like BHIM, AadhaarPay etc.).
Billing data will give real time insights of supply and demand of products in the market which will be sold to relevant industries, research institutes and other interested parties. This will also help small unorganised retail stores to compete with increasingly organised retail stores which are penetrating the big cities rapidly.

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